‘Makeup Artist’
Makeup Artist
Makeup artist - me.
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EL MARKELLOS   (2 years ago)
Great job !!!
Jeffrey Lagden   (2 years ago)
Nice work
Kurt Devonshire   (2 years ago)
So damn awesome!
Cashino NDT   (2 years ago)
Great ~
Anastasia Angus   (3 years ago)
so pretty
Sample Member   (3 years ago)
There is a good balance to this shot and the framing works well. The post production work around the hair could be slightly neater but overall it's an effect beauty shot.
Sheradon Dublin   (3 years ago)
Great image, love this.
Harvey Hodd   (3 years ago)
The guys from @24seventalent are down tomorrow for our Clubhouse social - they're on the look out for talented MU Artists and Stylists to work with. You coming down?
Ophélie MJ   (3 years ago)
Nice work!
Z A   (3 years ago)
Nicola Whitfield   (3 years ago)
Love this
Destiny   (3 years ago)
jo Kapetaniou   (3 years ago)
This is amazing.
Sophie Carter   (3 years ago)
Sophie Carter   (3 years ago)
Sophie Carter   (3 years ago)
Jo santiaga   (4 years ago)
The details on her eyes are beautiful, nice work.
Gabriella Floyd   (4 years ago)
Beautiful photograph, well done Josy!
gustavo zuritz   (4 years ago)
Very creative eye makeup. I love the colors!
Enefuwa   (4 years ago)
David Snell   (4 years ago)
Great eyes!
Sam Henry   (4 years ago)
precision precise poise
Tamara Beach   (4 years ago)
Love this look
Jasmine   (4 years ago)
Laura Hickson   (4 years ago)
Love this!

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