10 Days, One Road

10 Days, One Road is a cinematic video journal of our time exploring the edges of Iceland, for 10 days we drove along the ring road and seen a fraction of what Iceland has to offer. Hana and I travelled around the ring road for 10 days capturing the beautiful landscapes of Iceland through every weather condition you could think of. Whilst on the road, the two of us experienced heightened emotions – we were scared, happy, nervously panicking at random points during our trip... we drove under the sunshine, through a blizzard, climbed a mountain as it hailed, rained... we cried, laughed and loved every moment in this beautiful country. This experience was emotionally draining yet rewarding in so many ways. Documenting our journey was incredible and we can't wait to share it with all of you. We hope you enjoy how we experienced Iceland in this travel journal of ours – 10 days, One road. Shot on Sony A7Rii + 18mm f/2.8 Batis + 55-210 f/4 DJI Phantom Pro Music by - Isbells - Reunite (license bought off www.musicbed.com)

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