Member Masterclass - Mixed Media Artist, Emsky


Every Sunday @ 5pm

Freelancer Club proudly presents...'Paint the Planets with Me'

Freelancer Club member and professional artist, Emsky, will be holding watercolours class every Sunday.

Ema is a self-taught Slovak artist who goes by the alias, Emsky. She specialises in mixed media, working between London and Barcelona. Most of her works have up to seven different art mediums, and one of them is the intricate process of using dried flowers and plants.

Her paintings often include two elaborate styles in which she plays with surrealism, and contemporary art. Ema started experimenting with art materials at the age of five. The process of failures and constant thirst for knowledge guides her through every project.

She has worked in different studio spaces across Slovakia, London, LA, and Barcelona. She has worked under many pseudonyms creating different collectives throughout the years; until recently doing her first personal body of art pieces based on scientific interests and childhood memories.

Taking inspiration from the powers of nature, her belief arrives from respecting what enables us to breathe and staying curious in all the questions humans struggle to accurately answer. Motivated by astronomy, astrophysics, and philosophy. A discipline of deep thoughts engraved into authentic art pieces.

In 2018, her series on "Dry Poetry" was chosen to be exhibited at the National Poetry Library in London. This was also the turning point at which the pressed plant technique began to unfold.

This week you will need:

- Crayons
- White Paper

Instagram: @emskyart

Price: £0.00