Is the Pivot to Freelance a Feminist Issue?


23rd Oct 2019

7pm – 9pm

Ace Hotel London

100 Shoreditch High Street


E1 6JQ

A panel discussing a recent shift to freelance for many female journalists. Is this to be celebrated? Or is work just not working for women?

About this Event

A recent debate on Twitter, led by Lucy Pasha-Robinson, opinion editor at HuffPost, sought to find answers to an increase in female journalists going freelance, drawing responses from a wide variety of writers and editors. From family life to career advancement, the reasons given by women for going freelance are — generally speaking — multi-factoral, but a desire to have more control over their own work/life balance and earning potential appear to be a common thread.

It’s time to bring this debate to life. Join FJ&Co’s founder, Anna Codrea-Rado, and special guests for a panel discussion on the increased number of female journos joining the freelance workforce in recent years. Is this becoming a feminist issue? Should this move be celebrated? Or is it an indicator that in the existing model, the only way to achieve true equality at work is for women to leave traditional employment in their thousands?


Josie Cox, freelance journalist (Raconteur, The Guardian, WSJ); former Business Editor, The Independent

Coco Khan, columnist, Guardian Weekend

Lucy Pasha-Robinson, opinion editor, The Huff Post


Anna Codrea-Rado, freelance journalist and founder of FJ&Co

Format of the evening:

7 PM: Doors open

7.30 PM: Panel discussion followed by an audience Q&A

9 PM: End

About FJ&Co:

FJ&Co is a platform for freelance journalists that gives them the tools, resources and community support they need to make a sustainable self-employed living. FJ&Co is proud to partner with the freelance-friendly Ace Hotel on its events programme.

The Ace Hotel is a fully accessible venue.

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