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Project summary

Zipcar – the UK’s leading and largest car-sharing service – has nearly 3,000 cars and vans in London.

We are the go-to name for getting around town when you need to, but did you know we also offer a service to freelancers and businesses? Zipcar for Business is our B2B offering, and members get access to discounted rates and account management, among other things.

Most people have heard about Zipcar but not our business offering, which is why we’re working with The Freelancer club – and their network of creatives – to create a short video that brings to life how freelancers and small businesses can use the service.

Target audience
• 25 – 44 year olds (majority 28-35)
• People living in London.
• Those who own their own business – from freelance florists, designers, illustrators, production professionals to small-holding owners (florists, food and beverage) to medium-sized organisations (e.g. Patch, Bloom & Wild).
• Our membership base skews slightly male, but we’d like to appeal to both genders.
• We’re looking to target Zipcar for Business potential clients, but we are very ‘pro-sumer’ – i.e. we treat B2B as if it’s a consumer facing proposition really.


We are the world’s go-to car-sharing club, but for us it’s not just about the cars. People use us because we are a service. We’re an enabler.

We’d like to bring to life our brand proposition – that Zipcar is the service that’ll enable you to do what you want to do, work how you want to work and go where you want to get to (both literally and metaphorically!).

We’re partnering with the Freelancer Club to shoot two videos:
- The first a test-shoot style video of members (or those who could be members) using the service on a test shoot
- A behind the scenes video for the Freelancer Club to use to illustrate how they work with brands and support freelancers.
Both of these are expanded below in Concept.

Marketing objectives

Bring to life the fact that people can use Zipcars and vans for their professional activities too. No matter how far into their career or how large/small their business, we’ll enable you do get where you want to go.

Desired actions

Understand what Zipcar for Business can offer
Put forward different ways people can use the service – especially freelancers

Tone and Messaging

We are approachable, clever and fun. For this campaign we want to focus on people and their situation rather than the car. People don’t necessarily resonate with the car they use – they care more about the reason they are using it. We would like to bring to life the humorous and relatable tone of Zipcar.

There is a campaign that our team ran a couple of years ago that we loved the pace and variety of – that was the Drive Drop Do campaign of 2017. Take a look at our YouTube ads as an example. We like these because they are:
• Fast paced, has energy
• Features real, local London locations
• Has ‘real’ people, the right demographics for us as a brand
• Feels natural and inviting but also exciting
• Shows that Zipcar is helping people get around and do what they want to do – enabling.

Campaign Deliverables


Video 1:
We are partnering with The Freelancer Club and have the concept of a group of creatives using one of our Zipcars to collect other freelancers on their way to a shoot. The video would follow those members/ creatives on the shoot, everything from:
- Driving to pick everyone else up
- Adjusting hair and make up in the car
- Loading things in/out of the boot
- These would be incidentals / split between shots of the shoot taking place.

We are open to other ideas but this we feel would promote both brands, and the creatives involved.

Video 2:
A short video for the Freelancer Club to use to illustrate how they work with other brands and support freelancers. This would be a kind of ‘meta’ video, whereby we’re seeing the behind the scenes / Video 1 shoot in action.

This will cover:
- Behind the scenes footage of the filming of Video 1
- Interview with a Zipcar rep
- B roll footage
- Edit a short video about Zipcar using the Freelancer Club

This would require a second shooter.

The video to include BTS footage, interviews and a light mention of FC as well as BTS photos to use for additional content.

- Video 1 - 1 x short video of members using the car or van (as discussed)
o Landscape and square
o To use on organic and paid social media (Instagram, YouTube)
o To use on owned email and blog

- Video 2 - 1x short video of ‘behind the scenes’ of the shoot for the Freelancer Club to use

- Video 1 in 3x short snippets
o landscape, square and portrait
o To use on organic and paid social media (Instagram, YouTube)

Campaign timelines

Initial meeting with The Freelancer Club
Brief shared: w/c 26th April
Shoot: Early may
Assets signed off and live: Mid/End of May


Videographer: £800
Second shooter: £600

Talent will be sourced separately


£500 - £1000

Job Date

14 Jun 2019




Video Direction, Video Producer, Video Post Production


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