Freelancer with an Eye for Detail Expired

London, UK


Freelancer Club is looking for a Community Manager to help our members develop their profiles and get the most out of their membership experience. We're looking for a freelancer who has an eye for detail, a great communicator, and tech savy (Instagram, Freelancer Club App, and platform)

Must be:

• Fluent in English with great written skills
• Proven ability to pick out a great image or video
• Experience using Instagram
• Super fast using mobile and computer apps

Work will take place remotely although the initial interview will take place in person in our London office. Approximately 20 hours per month.

The successful applicant will be fully trained on all aspects of the role.



Under £250

Job Date

24 Aug 2019


Photographer, Influencer, Makeup...


Communication, Copy Editing, Copywriting, Art Direction


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