Photographer for a Fashion Shoot Expired

Preferred Location: Oxford street, Kensington Hypnosis, Oxford Gardens, London, UK


The photoshoot is for my birthday but I am in the middle of lunching my fashion personal styling company online. So rather than just having a fashion shoot just to post fancy pictures, I would rather take some fashion stylish photos for my profession to upload on my website and also social platforms.

I would also like a short video clip about 30 seconds or less with the sound muted of me talking or walking in from of the camera. The only thing is since we are in the lockdown period what location and indoor area or shop can we use?

Since it is a fashion styling theme.

Duration: 1 hours



Job Date

10 Mar 2021


1 hours


Photographer, Videographer, Creati...


Retouching, Street Photography, Fashion Editorial Photography, Portrait Photography

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