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Increment is an impact-driven company that is building labor resilience infrastructure for industrial workers.

After spending the past two~ years deeply researching the nuances of the changing manufacturing workforce in South Bend, Indiana and iterating based on manufacturing feedback and deployments, we will be launching an official product we codeveloped with local manufacturers to create transparency around real-time shop floor training for manufacturing workers. Additionally, we’ve built some great relationships with local and national workforce, economic, community, and trade organizations so far.

We just finished up being a part of the inaugural Techstars Workforce Development accelerator (our 3 minute Demo Day pitch recording can be viewed here) and are finishing up closing out an oversubscribed round of funding to ramp up our operations. That means there is a lot of room for growth ahead and exciting initiatives for everyone to spearhead!

Why should you work for us?

  • We are ambitious free thinkers, which means that we will be at the forefront of how technology is applied to overlooked industries such as manufacturing as well as how the skilled trades workforce is evolving from both a product and impact driven perspective. We have taken a contrarian approach to building Increment and look to continue to build on that foundation.
  • We are a small team and like to experiment quickly, creating strong ownership for projects and initiatives.
  • We value deep transparency and having everyone contribute to multiple aspects of the company outside of their immediate role.
  • We have a curious, kind, and humble environment.

What would make you a great fit?

  • You have at least a few years of leading product design initiatives and showing an intuitive and built up sense of how to make incredibly easy-to-use interfaces, preferably with experience designing for groups that don't necessarily have high comfort levels using computers and software
  • You are impact driven and care about applying technology to industries such as manufacturing and are looking to contribute to helping the industrial and skilled trades workforce thrive
  • You are scrappy and not afraid to be flexible to take on various tasks that just need to be done and like learning a lot in the process. You want to impact multiple areas and influence and have ownership over how the company grows.
  • You show attention to detail and would be comfortable working with a very small, remote team
  • You are strongly curious and kind


How you would generally spend your time

  • 85-90% is having full ownership over product design and iterating based on customer feedback. You would be the sole product designer on our team right now and would help to continue to build out the team in the future
  • 5-10% would go towards a "secondary role" as everyone on our small team wears many hats
  • 5% documentation

Our Core Values and Culture

  • Granular empathy and respect for the experiences of workers and the manufacturing ecosystem, focusing on the turpentine
  • Intellectual and humanistic curiosity
  • Clarity of thought through writing and documentation
  • Move quickly with rigor
  • Confidence, not arrogance

We have quick stand ups twice a week (will move to daily when new team members join) and generally run on a weekly sprint schedule. We're also a fully remote and distributed team currently and look to build up more of a presence in Indiana over time.

We look with work with various organizations, so building in that research and policy lens along with being a product focused technology company is important to us long term.

We also happen to enjoy posting about our cooking adventures and are animal and book lovers!

Other Benefits

  • Opportunities to be supported in activities such as taking courses and speaking at conferences to help you grow your career in the ways that appeal to you
  • Medical, dental, vision insurance benefits
  • Very flexible vacation policies
  • Competitive compensation

Our process

If the above excites you, then it'd be great to have a conversation with you. Please fill out this quick application form. Once we receive it, we will review and get back to you within a week to potentially schedule a first interview call. You would then have a take home assignment to help us understand how you would think about product design strategy for our manufacturing stakeholders. We would then have a followup call to discuss the assignment, and Lucas, our engineer, will join to meet you as well. If that all goes well, we will then first work together on a contract basis (10-30 hours/week to start) to determine our working relationship with the intention to bring you on full time down the road with a full salary and equity compensation offer!



Job Date

18 May 2021


Graphic Designer, UI Designer

Location   Remote Work

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