Base Video Editor for Entertainment YT Channel Expired

Preferred Location: London, UK


We are looking to hire talented Base Video Editors for an entertainment related Youtube channel on a part-time basis, with good sourcing skills & a good turnaround time.

In this unique and multi-faceted position, you will be expected to be able to work with tight deadlines. The base video editor’s role is to work help the main editor from gathering the footage to stitching it into a movie file. If you are up for the challenge, you will be responsible for editing several videos a week.

- Gather footage and put it into a movie file
- Perform other duties as assigned.
- Create at least 3-5 base edits per week

Application Requirements.
- Intermediate experience with Adobe Premiere.
- Experience with the Adobe Creative Suite, specifically After Effects, Photoshop
- Ability to edit videos from home
- Must be a strong storyteller
- Must be good with deadlines

- Applications without samples will not be considered

To apply, please fill out the application under the apply button.

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Job Date

12 Oct 2022




Videographer, Video Editor

Location   Remote Work

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