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Hi there! I'm Chloe Rosser and I'm a photographer and photographic artist based in London.

I shoot product, portraiture and still life. I want to produce some interiors and still life portfolio work and I'm looking to meet some stylists to do that with.

My style is natural light, often muted tones, quiet and spacious imagery. Have a look at the moodboard to get more of an idea of what I mean.

I'd like to shoot in London as I have lots of photo kit to transport so it's complicated to go far. I'm an experienced photographer so I'll edit all the images myself and everyone involved in the shoot can use them as portfolio work.

So if you're a stylist wanting to shoot interiors and setup some still life images, get in touch! It would be so great to get to know you and see what we can make together.
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Listing created: 22 Feb 2023   |   Date of Role: Flexible

Shoot Location: London, UK

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