Build a unique Instagram strategy with Daisy Rose, The C..

Online | Everyone

Dates: 21 Jun 2022 17:00PM


Meet the Content Queen, Daisy Rose, and ask anything you’d like to know about sharing your freelance work online and building a content strategy for your Instagram.

Join us Tuesday, 21st June at 5pm, for a 30-minute Masterclass on:

- How to use content pillars to strategise your social media profile
- The latest social media news you need to know to stay on your A-game
- Best practices for showcasing your work as a freelance creative
- How to hook clients and your audience in with Reels

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About the speaker: Daisy is a South London-based freelance social media manager and content creator, with experience ranging from large-scale retailers like Debenhams and John Lewis, to smaller, independent brands and publications like The Sole Supplier. When she's not studying the latest IG algorithm or working on community strategies, Daisy shares content and social tips on her Instagram: @daisy.thecontentqueen

Date of Meetup: 21 Jun 2022 17:00PM