Connecting Creatives: Designers X Creative Freelancers

Online | Everyone

Dates: 25 Oct 2022 17:00PM


In this informal online talk between Freelancer Club and Ladies, Wine & Design (Southampton), we will be exploring the various experiences and methods of designers & creative freelancers in order to learn from each other and form connections.

We’ll be finding out when & where they get their best creative ideas, and the methods they use to overcome creative blocks, as well as, delve into their creative goals, and reflect on their career journeys so far.

The talk will be guided by a series of questions to prompt discussion and encourage sharing amongst creatives. Questions like: ‘What one thing would you tell yourself at the start of your career?’ and ‘What methods do you use to overcome creative block?’.

We believe, that by connecting our communities, and sharing our experiences, we can better understand the needs of creative's and build a network of likeminded collaborators.


If you’re interested in getting some design advice, creative inspiration, or are looking for a freelancer, sign up now and join us on Zoom to chat with other creatives.

We look forward to seeing you soon!

Jazzy & Gaby

Date of Meetup: 25 Oct 2022 17:00PM