Getting Started As A Freelancer In 4 Actionable Steps

Montreal | Everyone

Dates: 09 Aug 2022 17:00PM


Topic: Getting Started as a Freelancer

Name: David Gauthier

Business: Owner of Gauthier Media, a video marketing agency for tech companies, and Owner/Head Coach of Freelancing On Demand.

Who am I?

I’m David Gauthier, "Slomad", dog dad and agency owner on a mission to help people turn their skills into a freelance client-getting machine that allows them to work and live on their own terms.

What you’ll get that you can turn into actionable steps after watching this presentation?

The importance of massive action vs perfection:

- Removing limiting beliefs
- Early money
- Consistent action snowball effect

How to pick your service and niche:

- Service and niche validation
- How to use added services to scale your business over time

How to register your freelance business (General, not financial or legal advice):

- What business structure is the right fit for you?
- Taxes and money management

How to build your portfolio from scratch:

- Hiring yourself
- Personal Network (friends, family, old work colleagues…)
- Collaboration (Freelance Club collab tool demo)

Date of Meetup: 9 Aug 2022 17:00PM

Meetup Location: Montreal, QC, Canada