13 years in the making...

Thirteen years ago, I attended my sister-in-law's wedding—a destination wedding on a beautiful island in Greece.
It was also a holiday for me, so I took my camera with me. I wasn't planning on taking images at the wedding (there was a photographer for that), but I am pleased I did take my camera. I have only this week properly processed the images I captured on that magical day.
I had a secondhand lens, which was a little soft, but I am in love with the photos. Thirteen years later, I am now pursuing a career as a full-time freelance photographer. Can I make it in a saturated market? I'm not sure, but I do know I love capturing images of people, sharing the emotion and fun of an occasion, or pictures of family that they will cherish years to come.
I am still looking for my niche, exploring all the different genres of photography out there. Those who know me know animals were my first love, to show their personalities in an image. I used to be worried about shooting portraits of people, that I wouldn't live up to expectations (usually set by myself), now I know I can capture and share the beauty of the story I see in front of me.
The feed on my blog, FaceBook and Instagram will represent the journey I am on; I hope you join me on this fun journey.

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