London Fashion Week is upon us once again. Whether you're working at LFW this season or not, it's a great time to ride the fashion wave all the way to creative-town! The buzz of London Fashion Week brings all sorts to the surface. Here are our top tips on how to make the most of Europe's biggest fashion event.

Make New Contacts. 

If you're looking to build contacts in the fashion industry whether that's bloggers or press, designers, fellow freelancers to collaborate with or potential clients, get down to the heart of London Fashion Week. This season, LFW is taking place in Store Studio, next to Somerset House. That means there's going to be a lot of activity around Somerset House and Store Studios. Get down there, wear a hat, bring business cards and make connections. Networking takes place everywhere. If you're shy, bring a camera, ask if you can take someone's photo and swap detalis to share the pic - BOOM, you just made your first contact of the season. 

London Fashion Week Work

Survive London Fashion Week

Build Your Portfolio with LFW in the Air

Everyone goes a little London Fashion Week crazy during this period. The Freelancer Club is no different. We've seen a spike in Test Shoots with more members looking to arrange fashion shoot collaborations. So, if you're keen to build your portfolio, now is a great time to do so. Check out the jobs board for available Test Shoot to apply to, by the way, it's free

Make Some Money

How do you find paid work at LFW? Well, it ain't easy as so many freelancers are willing to work for free - something we're trying to stop with our #NOFREEWORK campaign. However, there are a few options left. Check our fashion jobs boards. We've got a few LFW opportunities on the go at the moment and a bunch of paid fashion jobs at London Fashion Week.

Designers who are showing off-schedule (ie: not at the official LFW show) will require creative staff. Reach out to PR agencies NOW! They often get let down last minute and require freelancers to cover.

If you're a photographer or videographer why not get down to the action and take some footage to sell to publications. Strong Fashion Week images are in great demand and publications want them the second you shoot them. 

London Fashion Week

If You Can't Beat 'Em...

So you didn't get a job or a ticket to a show. Don't worry. The best part of London Fashion Week is the atmosphere, the people and the after parties. Check out the LFW schedule and the off-schedule shows. On | Off is cool as is Fashion Scout. Put on that outfit you've been saving and enjoy it. It only comes around 2 twice a year. 

Survive London Fashion Week