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The Freelancer Club Story

A club made by freelancers for freelancers. Read the story behind The Freelancer Club.

What Do We Do When We Fall...

The Freelancer Club was started by Matt Dowling and Nina Malone, a photographer and model respectively, each of whom battled the freelance world and won (just).

After learning the hard way through trial and error, the pair recognised the lack of business and personal support for creative freelancers so they decided to do something about it. The Freelancer Club became a home for creative freelancers to access paid jobs, make contacts, develop their business skills and find support.

Creative Minds In A Business World

Matt and Nina always wanted The Freelancer Club to be much more than just a jobs board. Based on Matt's personal experience of a corporate company exploiting his photography services resulting in near bankrupcy, they vowed to dedicate their efforts to those freelancers who felt helpless or frustrated.

Fueled by 100s of freelance stories, the pair set up The Freelancer Club to help protect and develop creative talent.


The Freelancer Club launched their #NOFREEWORK campaign to combat the exploitation of creative freelancers who are asked to work for free.

We don't post unpaid jobs on the board and work with governing bodies to effect change in the industry.

  • Offer support to creative freelancers
  • Do not post unpaid work on the board
  • Fight for the rights of freelancers
  • Build a community of creative talent

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