Keeping Safe

The Freelancer Club is dedicated to promoting creative freelancer’s work, bringing individuals together and promoting opportunities to further help the creative freelance industry. Our main priority is to keep our members safe. The following highlights a variety of points to help Members and Employers keep safe.


Posting Content
The Freelancer Club is a platform for creative professionals to expose their own work and promote their talent to others within a safe community. If you discover content that you feel is inappropriate, illegal or unsuitable for any reason, please inform us by emailing

Image Wall
The Freelancer Club is a platform for promoting work owned by you. You may upload images to your profile and choose to have them promoted on our Image Wall by choosing this option during the upload process. Upon choosing to upload your work to the Image Wall, you are granting permission to display your images for public consumption. Third parties who are interested in using your images must contact you prior to using the image and it is the your sole responsibility to allow the release of the work or not. Should you discover that your work is being used by a third party whom you have not granted permission to, contact the third party immediately and request that the work be taken down.

You are not permitted to use other creative freelancer’s work for your own purpose. You may LIKE an image my clicking on the heart icon underneath the image and/or comment on the image. Likewise you can promote their work via social sharing sites like Twitter, Facebook or Pinterest.

I.P Rights:
Uploading other people’s work and claiming it as your own is a breach of copyright and is heavily frowned upon. Don't use other people's logos or trademarks without permission.
Don't use The Freelancer Club to reveal private information about other people. And don't upload photographic portraits or nude images of identifiable people unless you have their permission.
Spam / Automated or Scripted Behaviour
Any service that allows for the appreciation or commenting on images in a bulk or automated manner is a violation of The Freelancer Club’s Guidelines. Likewise spam messaging or bulk messaging deemed inappropriate or not intended for the purposes the service was built for is deemed a violation. Accounts and applications that engage in this practice will be suspended.

Checking the Job Post
The Freelancer Club has installed safety policies to identify listings that aren’t genuine or inappropriate. However, this is not a flawless system and we ask that members of the site report any jobs that they feel may be inappropriate so that we may investigate further. We recommend that you research the company or person you are applying to prior committing to work.

Here are a few basic tips to help you stay safe:
Never pay the employer/advertiser for images, services, fees or otherwise. They are posting an opportunity for you to be paid not visa versa.

Always check out the employer by researching their company or background. If you can’t find anything online, request more information from the employer.
Check the location of the job. If the employer has asked to meet in a bar at night or in a private home, approach with caution. Serious employers should have offices or choose to meet in a public place like a coffee shop during the day at the very least.

When going to a job and you are not 100% sure it’s legitimate – bring a friend! They can always hang around or head off once you’re comfortable but it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Don’t sign anything without reading it carefully. Contracts have small print and if you’re not sure about anything ask to take the contract away to review. If an employer puts pressure on you to sign something immediately, refuse and walk away. It’s fine to say NO.

Spotting fake Freelancer Club emails.
Scammers are getting more and more sophisticated with their techniques and cases exist whereby they are forging emails pretending to be from The Freelancer Club.  Should you suspect this to be the case, contact us immediately.

Vulnerability Disclosure 

We take the security of our platform seriously and encourage users to report any potential vulnerabilities they may discover. If you believe you have found a security flaw or vulnerability within our system, we kindly request that you responsibly disclose it to our security team via email on

Please provide detailed information regarding the vulnerability, including its potential impact and steps to reproduce it. We commit to acknowledging the receipt of your disclosure promptly and will work diligently to address and fix the reported issue in a timely manner. We appreciate your cooperation in maintaining the safety and integrity of our platform, and in return, we will offer our utmost appreciation and recognition for your valuable contribution to our security efforts.