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Modeling Jobs London - A Diverse Space to Find Work

London is a fashion Mecca, filled with aspiring models and professional creatives who flock to the nation’s capital in the hope of finding their first modeling gig.


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There are many options available and London is a hotbed for agencies, scouts and modeling schools. The online space is also attracting more and more employers and brands looking for London-based freelance models. From sites like ours to social media, there has never been a better time to be a model. Agencies are also upping their game in the digital world, so much so that exclusive contracts are a rarity as they recognise models want to find work in a range of ways without being bound to just one agency.


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If you feel ready to start applying for modeling jobs London is the perfect location to find work. Click the button above to browse opportunities in the UK’s capital city that match your experience. If you want more information on landing a modeling job in London keep reading.


Approach the right model agencies


Modeling Jobs London UK, model jobs. apply for model jobs, modeling jobs London, model jobs London, modelling jobs, freelance model London, how to be a model in London, How to become a model London, How to get into modelling uk, Model agency london, How to get into modelling with no experience What you look like and what you can do will determine which agency will be the best fit to represent you. Here are some general tips on finding work and identifying the sort of model you are so you can get the right work.


Once you know your look, you need to apply to the right modeling agencies. For modeling jobs London has many different agencies with different requirements and preferences depending on their clients and core market.

It’s vital to understand what a specific agency is looking for. You don’t want to waste your time or theirs.

When you're trying to figure out how to be a model in London, or anywhere else for that matter, make sure you do your research before you apply to an agency. The modeling industry is infamous for its lack of regulation, and for every legitimate agency there are many fake agencies looking to take advantage of aspiring models. Remember, never pay an agency to be put on their books - they should charge on a commission basis, only making money when you do too.


Find model jobs in London. Here are eleven top London modeling agencies to check out in no particular order:


1. Models 1

With clients including Twiggy, Sophie Dahl, Yasmin Le Bon and Erin O’Connor on its books - you’d be in excellent company if you landed a contract with this agency. This agency also works with a variety of top designers from Gucci and Calvin Klein to TopShop and Next.


Models 1 has three demographics: men, women and talent. You need to be at least 5’8’’ to apply and professional photos are not a necessity, a simple headshot will suffice.


2. Storm Model Management

Many of Storm’s models are featured in top-selling magazines, major advertising campaigns, some of Europe’s most prominent fashion shows and other high profile campaigns. There’s also no minimum height requirement at Storm.

Aspiring models are encouraged to drop in the Storm’s HQ in South West London without an appointment Monday - Friday and between 10am - 12pm or 2pm - 4pm. Or you can apply via the website with a head shot, side profile and full-length shot.


3. Elite London

Elite London operates in more than 30 countries worldwide and accepts female models aged 15-24 and male models aged 15-28. Elite Model Look also scouts for talent on their Instagram page @eml_uk as well as other events around the UK, but more on that later.

It also runs an annual Elite Model Look online casting competition, with names such as Cindy Crawford, Diane Kruger and Lara Stone all discovered through this prestigious international model contest.


4. Nevs Model Agency

Welcoming applications from 16 to 60-year-olds, Nevs Model Agency is based on the Kings Road, Chelsea and also holds walk-in sessions from Monday to Friday running between 10am - 12pm.

The agency welcomes a diverse range of models “from high-end to high street. We always have the edgy look of the moment, as well as classic appeal.”


5. The Anti-agency

Founded in 2013, the Anti-agency takes a different approach to casting. It focuses on hand-selecting London-based talent working in the creative industries and from whom working as a model forms part of their wider portfolio. It matches clients with models that represent their target audience and has cast models for Marc Jacobs, NYLON, Saint Laurent, Selfridges and Toni & Guy. Send an email to to apply.


6. Oxygen Models

Oxygen is a London boutique agency, based in Chelsea with a family feel and personal approach to every model on their books.  The minimum height for applicants is 5’8” for women and 6’ for men.

Aspiring models can either visit between 10am and 12noon, Monday to Friday or send in photographs for consideration.


7. Premier Model Management

Premier is a high-profile agency that represents both male and female models, with height restrictions of 5’8” for women and 5’11” for men. Recently featured in the Channel 4 documentary “The Model Agency,” Premier runs four divisions: men, women, special bookings and future faces with specialist booking agents to help you find work in specific industry segments.

Photos can be submitted online or potential models can attend an open call from Monday to Friday between 10am and 12 noon at Premier’s offices on Parker Street in West London.


8. Wilhelmina London

Wilhelmina welcomes a range of models, with divisions including men, women, children, fitness and plus size. Women must be at least 5’9’’ and men 6’ to apply. All applicants must be aged 15 or above (see their site for details on child modeling). Photos are accepted online but this agency does not hold open calls at the moment.


9. MOT Models

MOT Models represents the commercial modeling sector and is a broad-based agency with models of all ages, ethnicities and types. Women, men and juniors are all on the books, alongside specialist categories including hand and feet, pregnant, curves and petite.

With offices in Mayfair and near Heathrow, you can book an appointment to pop in and see MOT or you can apply directly through their website. Please note, MOT Models does not use scouts to source its talent. Under 16s are encouraged to apply, with full parental consent.


10. Leni’s Models Management

Leni’s is a boutique model agency with an emphasis on ethical practices and fostering long-term relationships with its models. It promotes healthy body images and offers its models fitness training, as well as financial and nutritional advice.
You can apply via Leni’s online form, where you just need to submit your contact information, sizes and upload a few photos. One of the UK's leading boutique agencies, Leni's prides itself on safety, professionalism and hard work.


11. Select Model Management

As one of the few London agencies to accept shorter models, Select welcomes applicants as short as 5’5”. You can apply via their online form or through an open call at their offices on Mortimer Street in West London between 10am to 12 noon and 2 to 4pm, Monday to Friday.


Consider a Portfolio


Model jobs Portfolio UK. apply for model jobs, modeling jobs London, model jobs London, modelling jobs, freelance model London, how to be a model in London, How to become a model London, How to get into modelling uk, Model agency london, How to get into modelling with no experience Our top tip for anyone trying to figure out how to be a model in London? Develop a strong portfolio.


A portfolio is an important tool for models hunting for professional work. If you're wondering how to get into modelling with no experience, a portfolio is a super place to start as it's essentially your CV in the modeling industry. It’s an opportunity to showcase what you can do in front of the camera and a useful tool for those that decide to work outside of an agency.

That said, it’s not a complete necessity in the nation’s capital as many agencies are hunting for talent using more unusual approaches (more on that later) or except non-professional face and body shots to gauge whether you’re a fit for their specific agency.

For those working without an agency, a model portfolio can help you get a foot in the door for castings or to land jobs directly with the client. It gives the employer all the necessary information about you in terms of your natural ability and confidence when working in front of a camera.

Your model portfolio should be a selection of professional images. It has to say something about your individual style and personality. Brands generally do not want to see pretty, bland images. They want attitude and versatility. Competition is especially tough in London for aspiring models - make sure you stand out from the crowd and have a look that defines you.

When building your model portfolio, it is hugely important to present yourself in the correct manner. Your portfolio must aim itself at the modeling area you want to succeed in. Your portfolio’s quality will dictate whether you gain or lose work. Should you not know what type of model you are, you can set up a freelance profile and have experts within the community critique your images for free. Not only is this a great way to figure out where you fit in the grand scheme of things but an easy method of building your contact list. Click here to claim your profile.

What should you include in your portfolio? We recommend every model (particularly when starting out) has a basic portfolio with around 8 to 12 images from different shoots. In general a beauty shot (typically a headshot with natural or minimal makeup), a full-body shot in lingerie or swimwear and then 6 or more images that match your look.

If you're a high-end model you may include editorial shots for fashion magazines. If you’re a commercial model you might have e-comm images or commercial advertising shots.


Improve Your Portfolio By Test Shooting


Most models build their portfolio through test shoots. Here, you collaborate with a professional photographer and fashion team to shoot you - but make sure you research the team behind the shoot. Should you prefer to hire a photographer and fashion team to increase the chances of producing stronger images, in London, you can expect to pay up to £800 for a day with a pro photographer - and that’s not including hair, makeup or styling. Unless you get lucky and find a photographer and team who are both talented and starting out, it generally pays to hire experienced quality.

You can apply to test shoots for free or source a team safely at the Freelancer Club. Click here to find out more.


Modeling Schools

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London is home to a handful of reputable modeling schools that can get you one step closer to a career as a model. They’re also a great option if you’re starting out, but remember you don’t need to go to a modeling school become a model.

Modeling schools or courses aim to help you get ahead in the industry. Courses will typically teach you the specific skill set that may be useful for your future professional career. The overlap between the acting and modeling worlds means you may find yourself in a class with models and actors as the same techniques and characteristics are needed in both industries. For example, courses covering topics such as voice projection and self-confidence.

A modeling school will teach you a range of different aspects related to modeling and the career path you will find yourself on. As well as teaching professional modeling, many schools and courses cover the latest runway strategies, how to work the catwalk, personal image development, advice on exercise, nutrition, makeup, skin, and hair, as well as portfolio development. They will also explain how to work with a photographer, although most models learn this skill on the job it can be useful to know a few mannerisms and practices before that all-important shoot.

The exact nature of a course depends on the type of modeling you would like to work in. It’s also important to do your research or find a school through recommendations from fellow models. If a school promises to find you work if you cough up the cash for a class, then don’t believe them. A course is a useful tool, but it’s not a golden ticket to a modeling job.


  • You are approached on the street by someone without a business card or proof that he or she works for a reputable company/agency.
  • You visit 'an agency' that suggests you need to have professional images taken at their studio or a recommended an 'agency' that then charge you for images.
  • You are promised work if you purchase images or are charged a fee.


London Model Scouting Location Spots

Model scout, Modeling Jobs, Searching on the phone. apply for model jobs, modeling jobs London, model jobs London, modelling jobs, freelance model London, how to be a model in London, How to become a model London, How to get into modelling uk, Model agency london, How to get into modelling with no experience

Do you dream of being stopped by a scout and whisked off to a high-end modeling agency? Some of the world’s best-known models were found by scouts - and London is a ripe picking ground for talent.

There are no sure-fire locations where you will be spotted (scouts are officially never off duty so you could be accosted on the Tube, doing a spot of shopping or out for lunch) but try to hang out in popular, busy London locations such as Covent Garden or Oxford Street. Also, big events such as concerts, festivals and fashion shows are often attended by scouts.

It should also go without saying that you must make sure you’re dealing with a genuine scout from a trustworthy agency before you engage with a scout. If you’re approached by an overly pushy individual, walk away. Reputable scouts will just give you their business card (and insist your parents are involved in the process if you’re under 18) and leave the ball in your court.

Scouting via social media has also been a game-changer in the modeling industry. For example, Marie Claire created a digital platform to scout on Instagram called We Love Your Genes and invites potential models to hashtag photos with #WLYG so they can find you. London agency Storm has also brought scouting to the online world by teaming up with app Feels where aspiring models can upload shot for brands to peruse and directly select talent for campaigns and castings.


Work Relentlessly (modelling is a job!)

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Unless you’re incredibly lucky, success will not happen overnight. For modeling jobs London houses some of the world’s most talented models, so competition is strong and sometimes it just comes down to being in the right place at the right time.

You will need to work hard to build up your portfolio. Work ethic is incredibly important and, even if you have an agency, you need to dedicate all of your time and energy to finding a job and keeping your portfolio filled with interesting work. Test shoots and editorials can be a great option for this - remember to check out our job search to find out possible leads and filter for different shoots such as editorial, runway, and commercial.

Also, approach every shoot or opportunity with professionalism and be confident, but not arrogant. Attitude can make or break a modeling job.

Modeling jobs in London come and go quickly, particularly in the freelance sector, so act fast and have your profile ready to go. - Jade, Model

Complete your Freelancer Club Profile

The Freelancer Club posts model jobs and test shoots on our site all the time. We’re a global service, and London is one of the most popular locations for those hunting for model talent as well as model jobs.

If you want to maximise your chances of landing modeling jobs London can be a tough nut to crack. So here are some quick tips to produce the perfect Freelancer Club profile for London clients.

You can start by creating a professional freelancer profile on The Freelancer Club site for free.

Make sure you add your location to attract the London demographic, as well as your name and discipline (in other words - that you’re a model). Then you can upload some portfolio images and start telling the world about who you are and what you do.


The more details, the better picture you will present to potential clients. Make your profile picture clear and a true reflection of your look. Add details such as your measurements, social media links, rates, model website (if you have one), specific skills and experience. If you opt for a Pro Membership, you can create multiple galleries, build your network and start applying for paid modeling jobs in London.



Were you that person Googling things like 'how to become a model london', 'how to get into modelling uk', or 'model agency london' in an attempt to learn how to be a model in London?


If you're new to modelling and wanted to learn how to get into modelling with no experience, we hope that this article has given you some solid guidance. If you're an experienced model who already knows how to be a model in London, it's worth reading articles like this one to help refocus and maximise your job seeking and portfolio building efforts.


If you're learning how to become a model London is a pretty cool place to develop your career!


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For more advice on modeling, check out our interview with Emily Denton, freelance model.

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