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Our Mission 



Freelancer Club, a community platform of over 55,000 freelancers, has launched the Rise, Freelancer initiative as a reaction to a recent report showing 1 in 5 freelancers are failing in the 1st year of business, highlighting the lack of pathways to self-employment for individuals in marginalised communities.

The initiative will provide freelance-specific business training and support to individuals in need of it most. It will better prepare the next generation to transition from an informal side-hustle to a sustainable freelance business and address the failure rate as well as the culture associated with a freelance career. 

We do this by working with educational institutions, not-for-profit organisations and corporate stakeholders - all focused on the successful rise of freelancers as an essential part of the future of work and as valuable contributors to the economy. 

We will work with stakeholders to identify targeted groups to support equality, diversity and inclusion in line with our shared ethical frameworks and moral obligations to the communities we serve. Via our cutting-edge EdTech, online learning tools, offline training programmes, resources, and community, Rise, Freelancer aims to provide individuals with the essential building blocks for a brighter future. 

The allure of a 'freelance lifestyle', as advertised by many social media influencers, makes it seem so simple to profit from your passion. Advancements in technology and the number of freelance opportunities available online make freelancing easy to get into but hard to maintain. 

It takes hard graft, business know-how, a certain mindset, honed soft skills and ongoing support. The vast majority of early-stage freelancers and side-hustlers are underprepared, legally naive, and at risk of failure before they've had a chance to flourish. Failing fast, learning faster, and getting over the year-1 hump is a make or break moment for every new freelancer. 

- Matt Dowling, Freelancer Club

Freelancing Students

Based on a recent report, 78% of students would consider freelancing after graduation yet 80% feel that universities and other educational institutions are failing to provide adequate tools, courses and advice to better equip students and graduates for freelance careers.  

There is a growing case to be heard, emanating from the freelance community, that there is, until now, an overlooked approach to champion freelancing as a viable career choice as well as an untapped opportunity for educational institutions and funders to embrace this growth sector. 

Rise, Freelancer

Marginalised Groups

Freelancing can be a path to prosperity for immigrant and ethic groups, yet too often it is a response to discrimination in paid employment. Based on the considerable amount of time it takes an average individual with a lack of business expertise or support to figure out how to grow a freelance business, it's an unfeasible career to pursue without a financial safety net. Freelancing should be accessible to everyone, not just the lucky few backed by the bank of mum and dad. 

Access to freelance-specific business training, mindset frameworks, and ongoing support can reduce the time it takes to stabilise a freelance business and consequently open up new pathways for individuals who lack the financial means to combat the early-stage growing pains. 


Corporate Stakeholders

Rise, Freelancer invites key stakeholders to collaborate in this campaign for maximum impact including:

Shared core values

We believe that the key stakeholders in this campaign have shared values with regards to their ethical framework and moral obligation to the communities they serve. By zooming in on these issues and keeping them top of mind during the creation and execution of this campaign, we anticipate exponential impact from our shared values and associated efforts. 

Impact measurement and reports

Through the existence and implementation of the Rise, Freelancer campaign, thousands of beneficiaries, including students, marginalised groups, and budding freelancers, will enjoy direct impact and support from its clear mission and goals. Via ongoing and sustainable education, practical tools, networking and the wider social beneficial impact of its deliverables, our collective efforts will change the lives of 1 million individuals by 2026. 

Rise, Freelancer will also provide maximum opportunity for impact reporting.  We will work with our stakeholders to document stories, successes, and work of the individuals they are supporting to showcase the talent in all its facets from its artistic merit to its commercial success. 

Furthermore, through the Freelancer Club platform, we can provide granular data on real impact for beneficiaries and follow the journeys of many as they embark on successful freelance careers.  

Equality, diversity, inclusion and commercial success can also be measured and highlighted via the campaign impact reporting. For educational institutions, the data can positively influence a range of internal departments as well as key indicators such as the Graduate Outcomes Survey. For corporate stakeholders it will support CSR objectives. 

We look forward to sharing the celebration and reporting of this campaign via our shared communication channels to amplify the results and add weight to this continued future of work discussion.