How much do models make in the UK?

Freelance model rates range from £70 per day to thousands! Trying to get your head around freelance model rates? There are a few quick tips you can use to work out your freelance model rates and make sure you are getting fairly paid for the modelling work you do.  

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Freelance modelling rates can be a lot different to the rates that models earn when represented by an agency. Not always for the better may I add. Agency represented models tend to land the bigger campaigns, however, jobs can be few and far between. The agency will also take a percentage - anything from 20% - 40%.

New agency models tend to do a lot of Test Shooting (shooting with photographers to produce images for their portfolio and gain experience in front of the camera) and can struggle to pick up paid work in their first year. Freelance models, on the other hand, generally find work more consistently if they know how to find the jobs. 

How much do freelance models get paid per hour?

On average, the hourly rate for freelance models lies at £45 an hour.  

According to a survey conducted by Professional Models Association (PMA) in UK, the average hourly rate for a model is around £30-£50 ($41-$68) per hour. However, model rates and how much models get paid can vary greatly depending on the type of work, location, and the model's level of experience and reputation.

Now, before you rush off with this figure, it’s important to note that there are a number of variables which can cause this rate to increase or decrease in value.

As part of my research for this piece, I reached out to several freelance models including Bruce Barker, Noaman Saeed, Joscearhri, Nicole Bloomfield and Natasha Pinder, who gave me valuable insights regarding the factors which affect their rates. 

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Freelance models who have several years experience in the modelling industry (and therefore a solid portfolio to boot), often earn more than those just starting out.

Experienced models know how to navigate a shoot, how to take feedback and direction from a photographer, and how to get creative and improvise during shoots. These are valuable traits and skills that photographers and brands are often willing to pay more for.


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Freelance model rates can change depending on the type of modelling a freelance model is offered. Rates charged for e-com commercial modelling, for example, can differ to the rates freelance models charge for body part  modelling, fashion photography etc.

Location of shoot

Clients who require models to travel a fair distance to a shoot by train, plane or automobile, should factor travel costs into their rates.

Should a model have to stay at a location for more than a day, accommodation and food costs should also, ideally, be covered by a client.

Hourly rate vs. day rate

How much do models get paid for a day long shoot?

If a shoot is expected to last the guts of a day, it’s worth noting that freelancers in the modelling industry can opt to charge clients a day rate. 

This day rate can differ in price, depending on a model's level of skill and experience. In some cases, models will charge a lower day rate then their hourly rate to incentivise the client to book them for an 8 hour block.



While clients asking freelancers to work for free is a regular occurrence in many industries, this unethical practice is particularly rife within the modelling industry. 

We’ve heard far too many stories of models being nonchalantly asked to work for absolutely no compensation (even in the midst of a pandemic when jobs are few and far between). It’s utterly appalling and quite frankly demeaning. To be honest, it’s a slap in the face for all freelance models trying to make a living from their work.

Whether you're a freelance model or a client, never agree to or propose a scenario where free work is involved. Accountants are paid for their services, as are hairdressers, teachers, bus drivers etc. Models provide a service so they too should be paid appropriately. There’s no two ways about it. We’ve recently launched a campaign aimed to address the issue of fair pay amongst other things called ‘Ethical Hiring’ that you can read more about here.


How much do models make in the uk?

If you clicked into this article looking for the hourly rate for freelance models, I hope you got your answer and more.

My final piece of advice for freelance models and clients?

If you’re a freelance model trying to work out a rate for a job, set an appropriate fee based on your experience, skills and the other variables mentioned above.

If you’re a client trying to suss out what you can ‘get away with paying’, remember that like any working professional, models have bills to pay and food to put on the table. Furthermore, bear in mind that models are highly skilled, creative and expressive individuals who can add a whole lot of value to your brand, if they feel valued themselves.

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Thanks to Bruce BarkerNoaman SaeedJoscearhriNicole Bloomfield and Natasha Pinder