Why are universities always chasing the next unicorn? Now, I don’t mean a unicorn as in the mythical horn-headed creature featured in thousands of years of European art and literature. Nor do I mean that “special someone” that hapless romantics fantasise about meeting in a magical way just like they do in the movies.


Freelancing while at University has become a genuine alternative to working behind a bar or in a coffee shop. It's flexible, pays well and allows students to develop their skills whilst studying. A student who can offer a freelance service can often earn more than a student working a part-time job whilst improving their craft. We caught up with student Maria Chirica who has started developing a freelance modelling career during her studies. She talks about how she got started, balancing study with freelance work and tips about being a student freelancer. [read-more]


Still don't know what you want to do with your life? You're not the only one. Creative-minds, in particular, often question the merits of going to university and for good reason. We look at why more students are choosing the freelance life over a university education and what you should consider before making your mind up.


We're very proud to announce our #FUTUREFREELANCERS campaign in conjunction with the London College of Fashion that aims to help students in their 2nd year find professional freelancers to learn from, assist with and get a real feel for freelancing life. Get involved.