How To Set Your Freelance Rates

Frederik Daneels

Course Description

Meet your instructor: Frederik Daneels is on a mission to achieve a bigger understanding of life. His business 'Beyondfreelancing' evolves around helping others to design a life and craft work in such a way that it supports that lifestyle. 


As freelancers, we want as many clients as possible. And once we're in that situation of having enough or even too many clients, we want our freedom back, preferably without giving up our current financial income. This is what I call The Freelance Trap. And this this Masterclass comes in... 

You didn’t become a freelancer to work more hours and earn less! 

Learn how to turn conversations with your clients on their head, set your prices right, change your money mindset and negotiate better rates, so you can finally earn what you deserve!


Photo: Alexander Suhorucov

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