The next generation of freelance talent is sorely lacking in support. In fact, the number one reason why new freelancers fail is due to a lack of business acumen. The Freelancer Club are looking for exceptional creative freelancers who have the skills to mentor the next generation. The Freelancer Club will actively promote all approved Mentors who may charge an hourly rate for their services, deliver the sessions over Skype, phone or in person and will receive a complimentary Pro Freelancer Club profile.

How to become a Freelancer Club Approved Mentor
All TFC approved Mentors must apply using the following process.

  1. Click the link, choose 'Mentor' from the dropdown, and send us an email with your experience, link to work and your hourly rate. 
  2. Our team will assess your application and respond with our decision. 
  3. Once approved, you'll see a blue tick next to your mentor services on your profile. We will provide you with a Freelancer Club approved icon and complimentary Pro membership.


How does The Freelancer Club promote my Mentor services to the rest of the Club?

Firstly, ensure that your profile is complete including all awards, accolades, portfolio work, and experience. Once this is complete we will promote your services to Aspire and Starter members via our social media platforms (over 170,000 followers), internal messages to the club and via our newsletter (27,000 subscribers). 

How do I set my Mentor rate? 

You have complete control regarding the amount you choose to charge for your mentor services, however, we urge all Mentors to consider the type of freelancer who may wish to avail of your services. In your profile, click UPDATE PROFILE - EDIT PROFILE, scroll down and choose your hourly rate. 

Does The Freelancer Club take payment or charge a fee? 

No. The Freelancer Club acts purely as a matchmaker. We do not facilitate the transaction or charge a fee. We offer this service to help Pro Freelancers generate an additional income and to help aspiring or new freelancers receive expert advice from those who have been there and bought the t-shirt. We aim to connect freelancers who require support with freelancers who can provide it. The transaction is entirely the responsibility of the Mentor and the client. We urge all Mentors to use a contract and agree upon the payment method with the person purchasing mentoring services.