Portfolio Review


Your portfolio is often the most important aspect of your business.

Based on a survey of 200 small businesses, agencies, corporate companies and individuals who were hiring freelancers, the portfolio ranked as the most important component when choosing who to hire for the job.

Receiving an honest, direct and expert opinion can be difficult. Friends and family are often biased whilst a critique from an untrained eye can cause more harm than good.

Our experts have over 15 years experience in portfolio reviews and critique. They regularly provide portfolio reviews to leading creative universities across the globe including London College of Fashion and CSM. In addition they work closely with agencies and employers.

Receive critique on the work, advice on layout and an overall review of the direction to go in for greater success.

Portfolio reviews are based on the size of the portfolio.

Under 30 images takes an hour.

30 - 60 images - 2 hours

60 - 90 images - 3 hours

Add an extra hour for every 30 images thereafter.

Should you wish to have images reviewed that are not available via a link, we will contact you to obtain them after we receive the order.

Choose the number of hours in the Quantity box.

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