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I will write a blog on tech and AI. Below is a sample of my work:

Metz outlines five ways in which AI can improve our daily lives, from helping us make healthier choices to streamlining our household tasks. She also touches on some of the ethical concerns around AI, such as the potential for bias and the need for transparency in decision-making.

"The ethical challenges of AI in everyday life" by Mark Wilson (Fast Company)
Wilson examines some of the ethical questions that arise as AI becomes increasingly integrated into our daily routines. He discusses issues such as privacy, accountability, and the potential for AI to reinforce existing social inequalities. Wilson suggests that as consumers, we should be aware of these challenges and demand greater transparency and accountability from companies developing AI technologies.

"AI is changing our lives. But are we asking the right questions?" by Lara O'Reilly (The Guardian)
O'Reilly explores the ways in which AI is already impacting our lives, from personalized recommendations on streaming services to predictive maintenance in manufacturing. She argues that we need to be asking more fundamental questions about the role of AI in our society, such as who benefits from its use and who bears the risks. O'Reilly also highlights the importance of addressing ethical concerns around AI, such as algorithmic bias and the potential for misuse by authoritarian regimes.


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