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Are you a Hair Stylist looking for PAID work? 
The Freelancer Club provides hair stylists of all levels a platform to build a portfolio *FOR FREE* and access paid hair stylist work.  

Hundreds of hair stylists are building their portfolio through test shooting (collaborations with photographers, makeup artists, stylists etc...) without spending a penny. Once your portfolio reaches an industry standard, apply to paid hair stylists jobs and start making money as a professional freelance hair stylist. 



  1. Set up your profile here.
  2. Add your name, location and a profile picture. 
  3. Upload your portfolio. UPDATE PROFILE - ADD PORTFOLIO IMAGE.
  4. Fill out your 'About Me' section and your social media links under UPDATE PROFILE - EDIT PROFILE.
  5. Once your profile is complete, click on the Jobs page to see a list of all test shoots and paid hair stylist jobs. 




  1. All members must be 16 years or older. All minors must receive parental approval.
  2. Inappropriate images will be removed immediately and the user will be banned from the site.