hire a Wedding Photographer1. What's your style?
Every photographer differs and some specialise in a particular style. Flick through portfolios, bridal mags or Pinterest to get some visual aids to show your wedding photographer.

2. Know your limit.

Wedding Photographer's prices depend on package, location / travel and experience. Typically wedding couples want professional images of the ceremony, bridal party, the guests, the afters, cake, first dance and a few special shots to frame and cherish. Other services to consider include: retouching, prints, the wedding album and framing. You can expect to pay £500 for half a day with no trimmings up to £2000 for a solid photographer with retouching, prints and framing options. TIP: Most professional photographers can produce stunning images that won't cost the earth. 

Hire Vintage Wedding Photographer3. How to choose the right Wedding Photographer?

This is the fun part. Use our free Wedding Photographer finder and you'll actually enjoy the process. Post your role with the date of the wedding if you know it, a budget range and some details on your requirements. 

4. And then?.

Log in to your private account to check out the professional Wedding Photographers who match your role. Browse their portfolio to check out their style. Applicants will also provide you with a quote. Simply mark the Wedding Photographers that you like, dismiss the ones you don't and contact your favourites. 

5. Tips.
Hire Indian Wedding Photographer

  • Agree upon the package including the date you'll receive the images and put everything in writing. The photographer should have a contract (service agreement) in place.
  • Provide the wedding photographer with a schedule of the day and where you'll be getting married. A good wedding photographer will want to check out the location prior. 
  • Discuss the smaller details such as will the photographer be fed or when will he get a break.  
  • Typically photographers can shoot in RAW or jpg format (file types). RAW images allow you to blow the image up to large format but RAW files will only open on certain applications making it difficult for grandma in Australia to view them. Most photographers have the capacity to shoot both simultaneously but ensure that you discussed it.
  • Meet the photographer in person if possible. It's always a good idea to share a cup of tea with the photographer before the big day. His personality will play a big part. 

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