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London | Model

Dates: 28 Apr 2019 - 28 Apr 2019



I was invited to a photomeet up and thought it would be something that would interest a few of you here. I've worked with this person before (they're a friend) and we met at one of these events.

It's a collaboration type event, joining photographers and models together. The photographers are pretty experienced, but this event tend to work with amateur models (there's also experienced models there to ask advice from). The aim is the meet great people as well as build a portfolio quickly. We tend to meet up at a location, walk around a particular area of London, getting different shots.

You can bring clothes, you may need to change outdoor or find a public toilet to change it. It would be best for your portfolio.

If your interested let me know by sending me your Instagram handle (I'll tag you in a post) or go straight through to the getdownwithus page. If you need more information let me know.

It takes place on sunday :) Exact location to be decided
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Listing created: 12 Mar 2019   |   Date of Role: 28 Apr 2019

Shoot Location: London, UK

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