Looking for startup Models in the Kent/LONDON area

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Looking for startup Models in the Kent/LONDON area - TFP.. MALES & FEMALES WANTED

Kent based. Aged 18-30. Super fun and creative shoot! Must be comfortable shooting

I specialise in Creative Fashion, Editorial, Beauty & Commercial campaigns and publications - not interested in how much experience you have, and I have no interest in traditional beauty work - for me it's about getting creative images that get noticed.

Love working on Artistic productions such as photography music or videos. if you require any more information please let me know,.

If you want to shoot in a particular genre, run your ideas by me and we may be able to sort something out.

So, if you like what I do get in touch, if you don't like what I do get in touch - you can't make everyone happy.
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Listing created: 9 Dec 2019   |   Date of Role: Flexible

Shoot Location: London, UK

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