Wedding Cinematography 17.04.20 Expired

London, UK


We are looking for;
up to 9 hours coverage
One Videographer
Two Locations Covered (For the bride morning shots to feature in the highlight video a nd the actual venue)
Highlights video.

On the day, We would like you to be with the bride in the morning(The time is currently unconfirmed), then to make your way to the venue, to get shots of the bride and groom arriving at the venue which should be an 11:15am arrival but I will keep you informed. (If we need to cover travel to the venue, we could book you an Uber).

And I would like to meet with you in the near future to discuss the order of business, how payment works and the order of the day etc. if you wish to proceed.


£250 - £500

Job Date

17 Apr 2020


Full Day




360 Video, Video Direction, Video Editing, Wedding Video, Cinematography, Live Video


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