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I’m a makeup artist based in London and I’d like to put together a team of creatives that can work together on a regular basis to create great content for our portfolios. I’m into editorial and glam makeup and would like to meet likeminded people who are driven and have a passion for what they do. As we work together I hope in the near future we can have really great, professional portfolios to show companies, brands and get paid work. (Got to start somewhere right ?)

If you’re interested please let me know ASAP
My Instagram is @ElizabethShokan.
I already have a group of people in my creative group but I’d like to expand.

We’re meeting up on Thursday to discuss ideas and how we’d like to move forward with the group so contact me ASAP.
I’m still looking for creatives to join after Thursday, in case you’re not available.
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Listing created: 14 Jan 2020   |   Date of Role: Flexible

Shoot Location: London, UK

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