Promo video for aerial acrobat Expired

Flying Fantastic - Peckham, London, UK


I'm a professional piano vocalist and acrobat. I'd like to make a high quality professional demo of me combining these three skills so I can send it out to production companies to book work. I found a suitable venue and have recorded the music i want playing. I need someone to now film me performing aerial acrobatics (preferably from multiple angles) then potentially edit or assist me with editing afterwards. I'm happy to send example promos of what I am looking to create. Please give me a quote to make 2 videos approx 3 min in length (one for a silks act and one for hoop). I'm renting the studio for approx 2-4 hours, let me know your thoughts on that as well.

Thank you,


£250 - £500

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27 Apr 2020




VIDEOGRAPHER: 360 Video, Explainer Video, Live Video, Video Direction, Video Editing, Video Interviews, YouTube Video, Wedding Video, 1st AD, Cinematography, Drone Operator


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