Junior Content Creator/Designer Expired

Preferred Location: London, UK


We are a mobile app that allows artists and designers to receive quick, constructive feedback on their work. With our tailored approach, each creative is able to grow in the direction that best suits them.

Our goal is to create a new space where all can have access to global feedback simultaneously. We want artists to fall back on this platform whenever they have doubt or need a second opinion. It’s a place where creatives from different industries can cross paths at whatever stage they are on their creative journey.

Our objectives are to:
Create brand awareness/ creating content on social media
Align our social media content with our brand image
Community engagement
Better understand our target audience/ reach more of our target audience

-We are looking for content production for our social media. Let’s say one/ two posts a week, along with a few stories.
We also need content such as posts highlighting our product features and stories for community engagement, such as polls on which artist they prefer/ relevant stories that are happening in the art world/ basically anything to start a conversation or for reposting (ex: “Things to help with creativity// Reasons why we need feedback ect…)

-We are currently looking to target a Gen Z audience compromised of young artists, designers, creatives ect.
But we definitely need audience insight to better understand their specific needs or what content our audience would like to see.

-In terms of Strategy perhaps a breakdown of the best options for all of the above.



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03 Mar 2021


Graphic Designer, Art Director

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Location   Remote Work

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