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Manchester, UK


Photographs for 4 main dishes which are chicken burgers and a vegetarian burger (halloumi) and 7-8 different sides.

We would like a photo from above the burger and one from the side, at least two photos of each burger and each side. With the sides, we would ideally like a photo of a mixed bunch from a birds-eye view. A food stylist to be there but if you do have a stylist could you please let me know how much more that would cost?
We would need a very plain background, and maybe then we can decide on a theme.
For reference please look at RiceBox on Instagram. Also cogfighter and mothercluckers.

We only need photos of the food. All the burgers will be shot on a plate but the sides will probably stay inside the boxes.

Duration: 5 hours


£250 - £500

Job Date

09 Apr 2021


5 hours


Photographer, Styist


Food Photography, Food Styling


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