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London, UK


A Chinese artist based in London is looking for a designer.

Spanning from traditional canvas to NFT real-time based digitals, Tsai's artworks integrate eastern ideology and cultural symbols with western Pop art icons and motifs, creating alternative narratives and realities by constantly reflecting on ours.

Through unifying the differences and similarities between cultures, Tsai's works provoke the viewers to rethink intercultural relationship and aim to establish tension as well as harmony between cultural representations. Many of his works have been exploring classical Chinese artistry, enabling his works to bring focus onto the exquisite yet forsaken craftsmanship. These various mediums act as devices to present his work in past, present and future tenses, emphasising the residue of time.

In October 2022, he was awarded as "Artist of the Year" by the Digital Art Fair in Hong Kong, celebrating his 10 years of traditional as well as digital art triumph. Collaborating with Sotheby's Hong Kong, Tsai's all-encompassed series of works combining his traditional forms and digital art were auctioned off unprecedentedly.

Job Tasks:
- Assist artist with art making process including digitalisation of ideas and physical canvas art producing
- Assist artist and other members of the studio to organise documented materials and daily operational tasks
- Coordinate with other members of the studio to support artwork shipping and packaging
- Support studio promotional material's production especially in graphic design
- Co-manage studio's social media accounts to generate concrete content and organise photo-shooting

Skills required:
- AI and PS fluent
- Strong skills in hands-on productions and painting; graphic design or illustration background preferred
- Mandarin fluent preferred
- Passion in contemporary art

1. Social media content generating and managing experience
2. Video production experience including shooting and editing
3. Sketch-up or other 3D mock-up programs
4. Animation design


5000 or higher



Job Date

01 Mar 2023




Graphic Designer, Videographer, UI...


Layout Design, Presentation Design


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