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My client is an author who published the first two volumes of her literary saga 'The Crooked Little Pieces' last year.

These were designed by illustrator Eloise G. Morgan, who is now pursuing other interests. She is therefore looking for another illustrator to design the following five volumes.

Depending on the style of the creator, she may also ask for redesigns of the first two to lend the series a consistent visual style. Payment for each cover will be transferred separately.

The Crooked Little Pieces' covers have so far been crafted in surreal, quasi-expressionistic styles: great metaphors made from my heroines' emotional conditions. Their details have been intricately outlined using various effects on ProCreate and Photoshop.

To her mind it has been necessary to include the girls - sisters Anneliese and Isabel - to make it evident the series' genre falls into the category of women's literary fiction. That said, she's open to suggestions about other ways to make this obvious on the covers.

The illustrator should have a preference for and much experience in the use of paints and natural media for their creations. At the same time, she is happy for the final project to be crafted digitally.

The artist should additionally be ready to read The Crooked Little Pieces' first three volumes before starting work on the third cover (or, as it may turn out, the first). These total around 310,000 words. For this reason the designer must have either native or fluent English. If you do not like reading English fiction, this is not a job for you.

Job Requirements
Her selection process will first narrow down a shortlist of designers. To them I'll offer £30 each for just a pencil (or digital) sketch of my main characters. The illustrator will be chosen on the basis of both that and a discussion of their concepts, likely over Zoom.

The deadline for applications is 15 February. The deadline for the book cover for Volume 3 is 12 April.

A fee of £600 will be paid for each cover completed, with the option of the additional payment of a 5% commission from every book sale in the future.

Job Responsibilities
Candidates must be avid readers in the English language and must be eager to conceptualise about the next five covers.


1000 - 2000



Job Date

15 Feb 2023






Book Illustration, Graphic Design

Location   Remote Work

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