Candid Portrait Shoot

London | Model, Makeup Artist, Stylist



I am a photographer who is looking to build my portfolio in portraiture, and would love to work with some models for some TFP stuff in London.

My approach is very relaxed, shooting with a small camera across three lenses, and is on location, so portraits will be naturally lit. The majority of these photographs will lean towards a more candid style, though I am looking to experiment with some posed stuff too.

I would prefer to shoot in more urban locations, with a sense of grunge, however I am open to a range of concepts, especially if I can work with it to benefit you more as a model too!

I am open to all models, of all ages (18+), so would love to hear from everyone!
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Listing created: 20 Mar 2023   |   Date of Role: Flexible

Shoot Location: London, UK

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