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London, UK



We are in search of models for an exclusive high-end lifestyle clothing brand shoot, set against the backdrop of some of the most sought-after cities in the world.

This project aims to capture the essence of luxury, fashion, and cosmopolitan living, showcasing a variety of scenes and styles that reflect the brand's unique appeal.Our brand embodies the spirit of high-end lifestyle clothing, offering a fusion of sophistication and street style that resonates with discerning fashion enthusiasts worldwide.

Join us as we emulate the coveted lifestyle portrayed by artists like Usher, amplify our reach through social media, and capture the essence of luxury and fashion in iconic city settings.

Scene References

Models gracefully exiting luxury vehicles at various locations to meet friends.Cinematic shots of models arriving or departing from a 5-star hotel eg. The Shard in London.Models participating in video conferences from 5-star hotel suite settings.
Capturing models in sumptuous suites, emphasising both the on-location experience and the allure of famous landmarks.Presenting models in luxurious hotel suites, further conveying the brand's opulent lifestyle.Showcasing models in professional lifestyle and ""street"" business attire. One male model to evoke ""The Rock"" character in the context of London, a nod to his powerful presence, laid back ""suit style.

Content Highlights

The shoot will embrace a dynamic array of scenes, including models effortlessly navigating luxurious suites, iconic landmarks, and opulent hotel suites.
It will showcase the seamless blend of photography and professional video production, meticulously mimicking ""the lifestyle"" our brand embodies.
Inspired by R&B dance vibes, the project will pay homage to artists like Usher, with visuals akin to his music videos, emphasising the significance of social media engagement throughout.

Ideal Model Profile

We are in search of models who personify:

The quintessential embodiment of luxury and style, mirroring the lifestyle portrayed by Fear of God Essentials.

A strong presence on social media platforms, amplifying the reach of our campaign.

The ability to transition seamlessly between high fashion and contemporary urban style.

Availability for travel to multiple iconic locations.

Age range: 20-35.
Representations of diverse ethnic backgrounds and appearances."

Submission Details "A comprehensive portfolio showcasing your modelling versatility.

Links to your social media profiles, highlighting your follower count.
Confirmation of availability for the entire shoot duration.

Recent headshots and full-body photos.

Duration: 8 hours


250 - 500



Job Date

08 Oct 2023


8 hours


Model, Model (Male), Model (Female...


Fashion Modelling, Influencer Modelling, Promotional Modelling


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