Marketing Manager for Cladspray Expired

Norwich, UK


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Cladspray Solutions specialises in on-site paint spraying and industrial coating solutions, transforming commercial buildings through a diverse range of services such as cladding spraying, roof coatings, shop front re-spraying, and the installation of robust resin flooring systems. Our extensive offerings present cost-effective alternatives for businesses aiming to rejuvenate their premises during rebranding or refurbishment projects.

Experiencing rapid growth since our inception a decade ago, we have secured a place on the Financial Times' list of fastest-growing companies in Europe for the past two years.

We’re currently seeking a dynamic and seasoned Marketing Manager to oversee all marketing activities. This role is tailor-made for an individual who exudes confidence and proactivity, constantly seeking opportunities. We require someone adept at working across multiple disciplines, including writing compelling copy, updating our website, managing social media posts, and collaborating with suppliers and customers to identify content opportunities. The position is part-time, approximately 24 hours per week, with flexibility for the right candidate.

Your key responsibilities in this position will be:

  • Market Analysis: Research industry trends, customer needs, and competitors to inform marketing strategies.

  • Strategic Planning: Develop marketing plans aligned with business objectives and KPIs.

  • Content Creation and Promotion: Create and share valuable content through various channels.

  • Lead Generation: Attract and nurture potential clients through targeted strategies.

  • Brand Management: Maintain and enhance the company's reputation within the industry.

You will already have or will quickly develop the following knowledge, skills, and abilities needed for this position:

  • Industry Understanding: Familiarity with the industrial painting sector, including processes, materials, and regulations.

  • Digital Marketing: Knowledge of online marketing strategies, SEO, PPC, social media, and content marketing.

  • Data Analysis: The ability to interpret marketing analytics and use data-driven insights for decision-making.

  • Budget Management: Understanding of budgeting and cost-effective marketing strategies.

  • Content Creation: Skilled in developing engaging content for various platforms, including writing, design, and multimedia.

  • Lead Generation: Proficient in generating and nurturing leads through effective campaigns.

  • Brand Management: Skilled in building and maintaining a strong brand image and reputation.

  • Communication: Strong written and verbal communication skills for effective team collaboration and customer interaction.


Under £250

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31 Dec 2023






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