Photographer for an Italian Proposal 🇮🇹 Expired

Brindisi, BR, Italy


In the charming city of Brindisi, Italy, a freelance photographer is sought to capture a special moment of love and commitment. The task at hand involves expertly documenting an engagement proposal, ensuring every emotion and detail is preserved for eternity. The successful candidate will need to possess a keen eye for composition, creativity in framing shots, and the ability to work discreetly yet efficiently in order to immortalise this significant occasion.

Working amidst the picturesque backdrop of Brindisi, the chosen photographer will have the unique opportunity to encapsulate the essence of romance and devotion through their lens. From the anticipation in the air to the pure joy on the faces of the couple, the photographer will play a crucial role in ensuring that this cherished moment is immortalised in a series of stunning photographs. This freelance position calls for an individual who not only has technical proficiency in photography, but also the sensitivity and understanding required to capture the raw emotions that accompany a proposal of love.

Duration: 1 hours


Under £250

Job Date

04 May 2024


1 hours




Proposal Photography


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