So You Want To Be A Freelancer? What on earth are you thinking! Everyone knows there’s no security in running your own business or pursuing your passion. It’s much safer to stick with a steady 9 to 5 job and pick up your pay cheque every month. But maybe, just maybe that’s just not who you are. 


Creative freelancers have a high failure rate due to a lack of business know-how. Whether you've taken a creative course and jumped straight into freelancing, freelance on the side while you work a full time job or you fancy a change of career, there are steps you can take to greatly increase your chances of success. 


We make learning how to run a freelance business easy by providing courses that are made exclusively for creative minds. Not all of us like to learn from memorising books so we've produced courses that are visual, interactive and engaging. Each course includes an assignment, instructor feedback, a community chat forum and even the option to book one on one time with certain instructors. You'll develop the business skills needed to succeed as a freelancer. More so, the courses are short, can be watched at any time and are a fraction of the cost of a university degree, private course or college course.