Navigating the vibrant world of fashion in Manchester? Hiring a local photographer is a game-changer. This guide will help you understand why and how to find the perfect match through the Freelancer Club.

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Cost and Pricing

Things to Consider

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Freelancer Club

The Freelancer Club is your premier hub for sourcing top-notch photographers. We showcase the finest talents not just across the UK, but also right here in Manchester, from areas like the Northern Quarter, Deansgate, Chorlton, and Didsbury

In the midst of a digital revolution, your online presence is as vital as ever. Your website doesn't just sell your brand—it is your brand, a virtual Manchester boutique.

It's not just about the garments you're retailing, but the captivating visuals you're showcasing.

The e-commerce landscape is a competitive fashion runway, demanding not just good, but great photography.

With the surge of online shopping and digital experiences, compelling, high-quality photos have become as significant as the products themselves.

They need to be as exhilarating as a front-row view at Manchester Fashion Week, urging your audience to stop, appreciate, and crucially—make a purchase.

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However, the internet is littered with lacklustre examples of fashion photography—bad lighting, unappealing composition, and images that miss the mark in telling the brand's story.

These factors are just as critical as the technical aspects of fashion photography.

Moreover, this digital shift has accentuated the importance of local talent in unique ways. Local photographers, with their innate understanding of Manchester's spirit, can create authentic imagery that truly resonates with your audience.

Amidst the surge of remote and impersonal collaborations, a local photographer offers the benefit of personal interactions, ensuring a more effective understanding of your brand vision.

In addition, in an era where sustainability and social responsibility are of paramount importance, hiring local is a conscious choice. It supports the local economy, strengthens the city's creative industry, and aligns with the values of the modern, discerning consumer.

Aim to bring out the essence of Manchester in your fashion photographs. With the right local photographer, your brand can shimmer in a crowded marketplace.

Here's why Freelancer Club should be your first port of call when hiring a Manchester-based fashion photographer 

No Cost Job Posting: Forget about forking out large sums for job advertisements or hidden commission fees. At Freelancer Club, posting your job is entirely free, making your search for the perfect Manchester fashion photographer more affordable.

Streamlined Hiring: Freelancer Club takes the stress out of the hiring process. With our simple job posting method, your ad immediately reaches a multitude of local photographers, bringing you one step closer to finding your ideal collaborator.

Supporting Manchester's Creatives: When you hire through Freelancer Club, you're directly investing in Manchester's talent. Our platform connects you to local photographers, simplifying coordination while nurturing Manchester's vibrant creative industry.

User-Friendly Interface: We've designed our platform with ease of use in mind. Post your job, manage applications, and communicate with candidates without the clutter of unnecessary emails.

Effective Applicant Management: Our innovative dashboard enables you to sift through applicants based on their relevance to your job. You can explore multiple portfolios simultaneously and directly engage with photographers to ensure your creative vision aligns. 


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By using Freelancer Club to hire a local fashion photographer, you're taking a step towards creating visually stunning content while simultaneously contributing to the local creative economy.

Your brand narrative merges with the rich tapestry of Manchester's culture, resonating deeply with your target audience. It's a strategic move that delivers both stunning imagery and a powerful message of local support.

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Cost and Pricing

When it comes to hiring a fashion photographer anywhere, the cost can vary significantly based on several factors. These include the photographer's experience, the complexity of the shoot, the duration, post-production needs, and any additional services required.

The hourly rate for a fashion photographer in Manchester may range anywhere from £75 to over £200. However, many photographers prefer to charge on a per-project basis, which can typically range from £300 to £2000 and beyond.

Remember, you're not just paying for the time on set - you're also covering the photographer's preparation time, their equipment use, post-production editing, and the delivery of high-quality, professional images.

An experienced photographer who specialises in fashion photography will likely charge more, given their specific skill set and understanding of the fashion industry. They bring valuable expertise to the table, ensuring that the photographs align with your brand identity and help to create a powerful impression.

Post-production, such as editing and retouching, can also affect the cost. Some photographers include basic post-production in their rate, while others might charge separately for this service.

This process is essential in fashion photography to create images that are polished and ready for use in your selected media.

Extra services, like hiring models, sourcing locations, arranging for stylists or makeup artists, will also influence the total cost. Some photographers may provide a complete package that includes these elements, or they may charge separately for each service.

It's always advisable to discuss the scope of the project, your specific needs, and your budget with potential photographers to ensure you get the most value for your investment.

Regardless of cost, hiring a local Manchester fashion photographer comes with the added benefit of contributing to the local economy, supporting Manchester's creative community, and incorporating the city's unique essence into your fashion imagery.

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Things To Consider

So, how do you hire the best fashion photographers in Manchester?

Here are a few steps to guide you:

Before you pick up the phone to call a photographer, there are a few things you need to have lined up. Your brand's vision, values, and story should be clearly defined.

These elements serve as your guidepost, helping you communicate your ethos to potential customers through your social media and e-commerce platforms.

Get these platforms ready or prepared for a makeover with fresh content. This way, when you talk to a photographer, you'll have a clear and concise brief to discuss.

Several key factors need consideration to ensure you connect with a professional whose expertise and aesthetic matches your brand vision:

Portfolio Scan: A peek into a photographer's portfolio is a vital first step. It provides insight into their style, technical proficiency, creativity, and experience in your required type of fashion photography, be it editorial, e-commerce, lifestyle, or otherwise.

Experience and Niche: Check if the photographer has prior experience in the fashion industry. Some may even specialize in specific styles, like streetwear, luxury, or avant-garde, which could align with your vision.

Manchester Vibes: If capturing the spirit of Manchester in your images is the goal, you'll want a photographer with an intimate knowledge of the city. Probing about their favorite shooting spots in Manchester or how they plan to incorporate the city's vibe into your shoot could be insightful.

Professionalism Quotient: Delivery of high-quality images within agreed timelines, ease of communication, and positive reviews or testimonials from previous clients are indicators of a professional approach.

Equipment and Editing Skills: It's important to ascertain whether the photographer possesses the necessary equipment to achieve your desired aesthetic. Equally crucial is their prowess in post-production and image editing software for fine-tuning images after the shoot. 

Pricing and Packages: Knowing the photographer's pricing structure—whether they charge hourly, daily, or per image—can be useful. They may also offer packages that bundle services like styling, hair and makeup, or post-production, providing added value. Make sure you have a contract before you start working together. 

Schedule Compatibility: Will the photographer be able to accommodate your timeline? Finding out how far in advance you need to book them and their flexibility with date or location changes can save potential future headaches.

Usage Rights: Understand whether you'll have unrestricted rights to use the images, or if there are any limitations. Are there added costs for exclusive rights to the photos?

The perfect fashion photographer will be more than just a creator of beautiful images—they will comprehend your brand, communicate efficiently, and deliver a seamless professional experience. It's worth investing the time to research, ask these questions, and find your ideal match.

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Find a Fashion Photographer Today!

Manchester is teeming with creative talent, and there's no shortage of excellent fashion photographers ready to bring your vision to life. By following these steps, you can find the right photographer who understands your brand, shares your vision, and can help you communicate your message to your target audience in the most effective way possible. So why wait? Start your search today, and let Manchester's best show you the world through their lens.

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Images: Victoria Chetley, Greta Bertino, Isobel Greenhalgh, Lili Autumn