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The Freelancer Club provides models of all levels a platform to build a portfolio *FOR FREE* and access PAID MODELING WORK.  

The Freelancer Club is a members club helping models land paid modelling jobs in fashion, events, lifestyle, music video and so much more. It's easy to get started, does not require professional images (although this helps for the top jobs) and best of all, it's free to set up a profile. If you're looking for paid modeling gigs, this is the best place to get started.



  1. Set up your profile here.
  2. Add your name, location, and profile picture. 
  3. Upload at least one natural headshot and one full body shot to your portfolio. UPDATE PROFILE - ADD PORTFOLIO IMAGE.
  4. Upload any professional images you have taken (don't worry if you don't have any, you can always apply to test shoots for free).
  5. Enter your model measurements in the About Me section and your social media links under UPDATE PROFILE - EDIT PROFILE.
  6. Once your profile is complete, click on the Jobs page to see a list of all test shoots and paid modeling jobs. 


Here's a visual guide to accompany these instructions. Be sure to fill out your profile sufficiently in order to increase your chances of landing the best paying modeling jobs:

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We have hundreds of models who use Freelancer Club to find paid modeling work on a regular basis. We also have tons of resources to help freelancers navigate contracts, set up test shoots and promote their services. We've also host masterclasses where experienced models share professional advice on landing modeling jobs in the UK.

Our aim at Freelancer club is to make the job search process hassle free and as time efficient as possible for new and seasoned freelancers alike. Freelance models looking for paid model jobs shouldn't have to fork our large sums to set up an independent website in order to host their portfolio and promote their services -  especially if they're just starting out.  At Freelancer club, we strive to make freelancing accessible to a diverse range of individuals from a variety of backgrounds and as a result, we encourage freelancers to set up a free profile and a portfolio on our site. 



  1. All members must be 16 years or older. All minors must receive parental approval.
  2. Inappropriate images will be removed immediately and the user will be banned from the site. 

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Want more tips on finding the best paying modeling jobs? Use social media and do test shoots to grow and promote your portfolio.