What Do Paid Do?

Paid was started by people who have freelanced and owned small businesses. Our founders have first hand felt the pain of getting paid and wanted to solve this problem by providing certainty on when you will get paid. 

What we have done is create a platform which enables you to either 

1) Create a quotation in our platform to be sent to your client for acceptance. Once you complete the project or milestone, you let us know, your client agrees and we pay you less a small discount.
2) Upload an invoice you have generated by hand or out of a software package like Xero. 

In both instances when Paid finances your invoice, it is not a loan we take on the full responsibility for the debt including the collection. You never have to worry about chasing ever again, just get on with your next project. 

We hope you like what we have built, any feedback is welcome we have live chat on our site or email hello@paid.co.uk

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