HWP Online: Cubist family portraits (All Ages)

Tutor Oliva takes us on a journey into cubism.
Cubist family portraits using complementary colours
Use a variety of simple shapes to build up a portrait of you or a family member. We can look at light/dark areas and use 2 complementary colours of your choice to give a professional finish.
need: paper, a family member to sit still for you, or a mirror so you can draw yourself. Drawing pencils, eraser, ruler and a variety of coloured pencils- please make sure you have red, green, purple yellow, blue and orange.
Requirements: Online connection (laptop,pc,phone), and drawing materials - paper and pencil will be fine - but get out those art supplies!
T&Cs: You know there have to be a few!
No recording of the event or distribution
Provision of your email address will allow you 1 free class and if you would like to join subsequent classes there will be a charge of £6/person.
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