HWP Online:Observational drawing,how to 'see' objects (All ages)

Tutor Olivia shows how we can really look at objects around us and include in our art.
Take some objects from around the house and put them together- it could be kitchen items such as a teacup, salt cellar and bottle of ketchup... or any 3 or 4 items you can put on a table in front of you. We will look at relationships of each object to each other object, look at negative space, and shading- to see where shadows and light will fall.
You will need 3 or 4 household objects, paper, pencils. Can use coloured pencils, if wanted
T&Cs: You know there have to be a few!
No recording of the event or distribution
Provision of your email address will allow you 1 free class and if you would like to join subsequent classes there will be a charge of £6/person.
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