Waist Bee 3D Logo Design

Logo Name: Waist Bee
Buyer Requirements:
I tell you what I want to reflect with the Logo according to its PRISM OF IDENTITY is the following...........
1. Physical Characteristics: High Technology, Happiness of Use, Fun, Modern.
2. Personality: Friendly, Sportsman, Independent, Fitness, Unconventional, Fun, and Practical.
3. Culture: Health care and Well-being, Effectiveness in achieving the objectives.
4. Relationships: Every day, Friendly and Fun, is open to games and Humor.
5. Customer self-image: With the brand, they feel energized, active, modern, non-traditional, hippie fashion, urban, sporty, practical, fun, colorful, adventurous, and always ready with a very active life.
The BEE I want is DESCRIPTIVE: that in a way it represents the Product Being a bee Fitness, and preferably Unix, Fresh and with small EYES, and that the fitness niche is easily flexible.

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