George S. N. Neequaye for PM STEAM Educational Center
Graphic Designer, Motion Graphics Desiger, Web Designer

Children's Book - STEAM all around us...

To create a children’s book that talks about science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics.
To be cost-effective. To be illustrated. To be full color. To be of high quality.
Illustration Research & Story Absorption, Rough Sketches and Layouting, Final Line Work & Coloring, Typography, Final Digital Layout.
  • Inclusions: The Ghanaian culture (hairstyle, style of communication or language, art references), children of color, STEAM elements.
  • Exclusions: Photographs (everything must be illustrated excepts logos)
  • Time: Illustration takes a while especially when there is back and forth during iteration. Give or take, it will take up to 6 months.
  • Money: The project is self-funded by the author.
  • Scope: All deliverables have been submitted.
  • Resources: All resources are available except printer settings
  • Risks: Finding high-quality affordable printers in Ghana
This project would be completed in time if all factors involved are produced in time. The illustrations could take longer if agreement on the final style is not reached early.
Book - Printer Version (PDF), Book - Online Viewing Version (Accessible PDF)

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