For those of you who have been struggling with heavy, negative thoughts, nagging anxiety or even if you’re wondering why the heck your brain is taking you on an emotional rollercoaster during these weird times, this Masterclass will prove helpful in unpacking these emotions.



Freelance Model, Sophie Thomas, will look at strategies and ways to self-soothe when life is particularly painful as well as chat about some of the reasons why mental health comes and goes in waves.

This will be a safe space for everyone who feels like they have questions or queries about what they're going through. Everybody is welcome to be part of the class, whether to participate or just sit and listen. Your emotions, no matter what, are all so valid.

About Sophie

The nerdiest personal trainer you'll meet. Unashamedly. Sophie, having grown disillusioned with both the fitness and modelling industry and their lack of substance, Sophie decided to create a business model whereby clients can feel empowered by their choices based on deeper ideas and empowered methods of thinking. Sophie realised that there was such a stigma towards mental health and self-improvement after going through a major depressive episode a couple of years ago, which placed her in the darkest place of her life yet.