Define, Celebrate & Empower the Next Generation of Freelancers


Our Mission 



Freelancer Club, a community platform supporting freelancers, has launched the Rise, Freelancer campaign to define, empower and celebrate the next generation of freelancers, address the number of new freelancers failing to get off the ground, provide support for individuals in marginalised communities and eradicate the antiquated opinion that freelancing is a stop-gap or "something you do when you can't get a real job".

The initiative will provide freelance-specific business training and support to individuals in need of it most. It will better prepare aspiring freelancers to meet business challenges, support individuals transitioning from a side-hustle to a sustainable freelance business and celebrate the incredible contribution made by the freelance community. 

We do this by working with educational institutions, not-for-profit organisations and corporate stakeholders - all focused on the successful rise of freelancers as an essential part of the future of work and as valuable contributors to the economy. 

We will work with stakeholders to identify targeted groups to support equality, diversity and inclusion in line with shared ethical frameworks and moral obligations to the communities we serve. Via our cutting-edge EdTech, online learning tools, offline training programmes, dedicated team of mentors, resources, and engaged community, Rise, Freelancer aims to provide individuals with the essential building blocks for a brighter future. 

The appeal of a "freelance lifestyle," as promoted by social media influencers, creates the illusion that profiting from one's passion is effortless. While technological advancements and a plethora of freelance opportunities available online make it easy to enter the field, it can be challenging to sustain oneself as a freelancer.

It requires hard work, business acumen, a specific mindset, honed soft skills, and continuous support. Unfortunately, the majority of new freelancers and side hustlers are unprepared, unfamiliar with legalities, and vulnerable to failure before they can establish themselves. 

The Rise, Freelancer campaign aims to raise awareness, intervene, and practically change the lives of 1 million individuals by 2026. 

- Matt Dowling, Freelancer Club

If you are an educational institution or charity with a cohort of aspiring freelancers or a company keen to align your brand with a vast audience of freelance talent, get in touch for more details. 

*reference: ifs.otg.uk